ATTN: Guild Applications


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    ATTN: Guild Applications

    Post by Hakari on Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:24 am

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the forums of Illuminati!

    If you are active, friendly, and aim to be a decent player in a hardcore and yet comfortable environment, then Illuminati is the right place for you! Our guild consists of a number of players who have played in other versions of Dragon Nest so we have some experience in the game. Guild introductions are generally the same so I'll try to keep it short:

    Many people always ask what Illuminati means, or they research and guess that we're some sort of gloomy dark organization behind all sorts of conspiracy, but let's stop right there! Illuminati has all sorts of meanings, and we derive it from the latin translation of it which is deciphered to "Enlightened". Nothing really special about it other than revolving our guild theme around sources of light (which is not dark and gloomy!).

    We're basically a small group of gathering whom stick together throughout multiple numbers of MMORPG's for years, so we're extremely friendly to one another. Our group consists of hardcore players who aim to be one of the best and have no life in the spectrum of both PVE and PVP. And today, we are favorably willing to make this group bigger. Unlike some guilds out there, we avoid recruiting frequently because we sincerely care for every individual that we accept into the guild. We dislike members being left out, so we try to get to know one another before we recruit more (and only if the majority of the guild desires it). With that said, we try to keep our community actively friendly, so we hope that people who may join would abide to our set of simple rules before applying:

    • Be respectful to everyone, especially your guildmates
    • Do not do anything that would damage our guild reputation.
    • No flaming. People causing frequent and unreasonable flaming will be dismissed.
    • Refrain from excess vulgar language.
    • Enjoy the game like no tomorrow.
    These rules are common sense and we ask that everyone obey every single one of them.

    • 1. Communication: We are looking for friendly players who can get along with others.
    • 2. Activeness: You need to be active in the game. (Recommended to be active in the forums as well.)
    • 3. Participation: A guild is not a guild unless we play as one. We look forward to having people who at least put some time into playing together rather than isolating oneself and not talking in guild chats.
    • 4. Skill: At this point, we do not require anyone to be skilled in the game, but we look forward to those who have potential and aim to be decent players.

    How to Apply?:
    Dragon Nest Guild Application

    1) Register and verify your account if you haven't done so already.

    2) Create a thread in this "Guild Recruitment" forum in the following format:

    Dragon Nest: YOUR NAME's Application

    3) Fill out the application form below:
    • What is your in-game name?

    • What class are you? What level?

    • What will do you concentrate more on? (PvE/PvP/Both)

    • Approximately, how many days do you plan to play a week? How many hours per day?

    • Why do you want to join Illuminati?

    • Anything about yourself that you'd like us to know? (Optional)

    4) Wait for our responses as we will respond to your application ASAP!

    Additional Information:

    • Server: Gerrant
    • Guild level: 7
    • If you are accepted, we always have the right to dismiss you at any time IF you do not qualify and cooperate with the rules and requirements that we have constructed. However, 1-2 warnings will be given before the action is taken. (Decided from discretion and the majority of the guild.)

    If you have any other questions and concerns, feel free ask within the forums. Thank you for your time!


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