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    Post by kenwong90 on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:29 am

    What is your IGN and class?

    What level are you at?

    What do you usually do in the game? (Staging/PVP/Both)
    stage......cuz im stage build.....

    Approximately, how many days do you play a week? How many hours per day?
    a lot....5-7days many hours if i got time...

    Were you in any other previous guilds? If so, name them.
    starlight...u know it lol.......

    Why did you quit that guild? (Answer if you have answered the question above)
    cuz it is small and no one online...

    Why do you want to join Illuminati?
    cuz it seem to be big and friendly...except the time i got kicked from

    Thank you for applying to Illuminati.
    Your application will be reviewed and our response will be send to you via Illuminati.all-up
    Private Messaging, or in game by Innocent.

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    Re: Application~

    Post by xmagiofsmile on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:32 am

    haha good luck!!
    and it was an accident i think...... i wasnt paying attention though during then so i dont know what happen during that raid

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    Re: Application~

    Post by MegaBoy740 on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:33 am

    GL with your app Kaz ^_^

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    Re: Application~

    Post by kenwong90 on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:34 am

    seriously it i was in there fighting while i got kicked....and means he expel me inside...but w.e....i was only mad for a day lol..

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    Re: Application~

    Post by Hakari on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:45 am

    We were somewhat in a rush that day.. when we were finally able to start, you said you forgot your key... some people in our guild has had bad experiences with public people (people out of our guild), so some were just frustrated to the fact that you "forgot". So I guess it was sadly a bad timing for you to joke around lol.

    I will accept you to our guild, but I hope that you won't be mad at our guildies unless it is rational, as that is going to cause drama. Some of us like to joke around so you better be prepared for it. Being mad for a day just because you got kicked is pretty unreasonable. (It won't happen again though, sorry)

    Anyways, find people like Volgin, ShirukuRasshu, iHeartNaps, Koti, or any other members that have the power to invite. Thank you for applying for Illuminati.

    Thread closed.


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    Re: Application~

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