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    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Post by Hakari on Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:54 pm

    General Forum Rules:

    • 1. All members must be treated equally. Any form of harassments, discriminations and insults of other forum members will not be tolerated.
      Ex) Posting one-line or rude comments after every post another member makes, flooding another members PM Mailbox, and rude comments towards all or the majority of other members.

    • 2. Please refrain from double posting in important threads (Announcements, Guild Recruitment, etc.). Double posting occurs when the same user makes two posts in the same thread back to back. If you wish to add additional information before another member responds, please use the EDIT button to add to the last post.

    • 3. Repeated annoyance or especially explicit swearing is not allowed in this forums. Therefore, excessive amount of swearing would not be tolerated unless it is rational and that you receive permission from any staff members.

    • 4. This forum is intended for users of all age groups and backgrounds. Please be considerate of other’s opinions.

    • 5. Before creating a new thread please do a simple search to ensure there is not already a thread on the same topic. If there is an existing thread please post in it rather than creating a new one.

    • 6. It is preferred if you do not use invisible mode because we would like to know who is online.

    • 7. Illuminati forum staff members retain the right to delete posts, disable accounts, and ban users at their discretion.

    Rules: Images, avatars, signatures

    • 8. Keep it PG-13, do not post material that would be considered 18+. Realize that there may be young users browsing this forums and 18+ images may be innapropriate for them.

    • 9. All Avatars must be no more than 150x150 pixels.

    • 10. Signatures must contain no more than 600x200 pixels.

    • 11. Images placed in the body of a post must be no more than 800 pixels in length (as it stretches the forum horizontally, causing inconveniences to others). If you wish to post a bigger image, please simply direct other members with a URL link.


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