chibibankai's application


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    chibibankai's application

    Post by sensations on Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:55 pm

    What is your IGN and class?
    What level are you at?
    76 rb 1 (might do 2nd rb soon)
    What do you usually do in the game? (Staging/PVP/Both)
    staging,i rarely do pvp
    Approximately, how many days do you play a week? How many hours per day?
    7 days,about 5-15hours a day
    Were you in any other previous guilds? If so, name them.
    MMOkami Daysleepers
    Why did you quit that guild? (Answer if you have answered the question above)
    i quit kami because no one was really friendly there and left daysleepers because they really didnt do activities together
    Why do you want to join Illuminati?
    well i'd love to be a part of all the fun in here ^_^

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